A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Ballpark…

    In November of last year, I wrote a MLBlog on the month of April.  All of a sudden, the computer crashed and all was lost; all of the data on the 1970 Baltimore Orioles Replay had gone to cyber heaven.  I have replaced the computer with the latest bells and whistles and started the 1970 season all over again.  This time, I am playing the new Baseball Classics Vortex Edition.  If you would like to know more about this game system, please contact my friends at http://www.playbaseballclassics.com.

    Anyway, I have finished the month of April with the Orioles replay running even with the actual season, 13 wins and 6 losses.  The team is struggling at the plate with a weak .240 batting average.  The Robinson boys have not gotten their bats hot as yet, but the pitching earned run average is an incredible 1.42.  Dave McNally is 5-0 for the month.  The staff has thrown eleven complete games in the nineteen games of April.

    The Orioles are opening a three-game homesteand against the Twins to start off the month of May.  Its time to get some pine tar and swing some bats.

    Don’t just read about the game, play it!  Pick your favorite team or season from 1901-present and join the 1000’s of Baseball Classics fans – http://www.playbaseballclassics.com


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