September 1965 – The Pennant Race Heats Up

Well, I’ve made to September.  The Dodgers are in first place, 4.5 games ahead of the second place Giants and Reds.  Nothing has really changed since my last e-mail – the overall team batting average is a poor .243 and the team ERA is an incredible 2.75.  Koufax continues to dominate on the mound, but the lack of scoring has prevented him from matching his actual numbers from 1965.  The same can be said for Don Drysdale.  His ERA is an outstanding 2.56, but the lack of hitting has only allowed him to win fourteen games against fourteen losses.

It is really amazing to me that I am still three games ahead of the actual season record.  The Dodgers have a doubleheader on September 1st in Pittsburgh.  They are only 6-5 against the Pirates so far this season and are 3-8 on the current road trip.  Can the Dodgers scratch and claw their way to the pennant?

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